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I am deathly afraid of spiders. In all seriousness, it's uncontrollable and to the point that it's embarrassing. So when I saw these webs and felt spider stickers in the Target Dollar Spot, it was very odd for me to walk over and check them out. But in the back of my mind, I couldn't stop thinking of how perfect they would be for a math center. So, very unlike me, I bought them all!
We're working on one to one correspondence and numbers to 10 in our classroom right now, and let's be real, counting can get a little boring. So I'm constantly looking for different things for my kids to count, and ways to keep it exciting. Here are two ways we're using these webs and spiders in our room:
The first math station we are using is Spider Match. For this center, my kiddos pick a number card and read the number. Then, they put the matching number of spiders on their web. They love getting to use new supplies, and I love that they are practice one to one correspondence and number recognition!
The second math station we've been using is Order The Spiders. My kiddos put the numbers in order, and then build each number with the spider stickers to check their answer. This one's a fan favorite because I hide the number cards in a sensory bin!
Want to use these math centers in your class but didn't grab the supplies at Target? No worries! Click here to get the spider numbers and printable web mats for FREE! Then, use your choice of spider rings, plastic spiders, spider erasers, or spider stickers!
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