An Easter FREEBIE!

I love being able to tie special holidays, events, or themes into our learning whenever we have the chance. This year, we had some addition fun.. Easter egg hunt style! I filled some plastic Easter eggs with two colors of jelly beans and hid them around the room. 
My kids went on an egg hunt to find a plastic egg. Once they found one, they cracked it open into a small container. I decided to do this to prevent the jelly beans from exploding all over the floor (you can see the mini pink basket that this kiddo was using in the picture.
They had a BLAST cracking open the eggs and writing addition equations using the two colors of jelly beans inside. Then, they counted the jelly beans altogether to find the sum. It was ENGAGING and MEANINGFUL math!
Want to grab this FREEBIE to file away for next year? Click the image below to download now!

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