Make The Back Of Your Valentines POP!

Last February, I decided to start making Valentines for my students on a snow day (much like I am doing today!). I found the cutest Valentines from It's Always Autumn, and was ready to go! When I went to print them out, I realized that I had no more card stock left! (seriously a sad time for a teacher!) I obviously couldn't go out and get any because we were in the middle of a blizzard, so I looked around my house for something else heavier than regular computer paper that I could use. 

I used to be a big time scrapbooker, so I had TONS of cute scrapbook paper lying around. I realized that the back of the scrapbook paper was white, so I could totally make that work for me! The Valentines wound up being even cuter than I expected because the back wasn't just plain white like it would have been if I had used white card stock. Nope, it was POLKA DOT, the pattern of the scrapbook paper! Now, I can never go back! Here's a little tutorial on how to make the back of your very own Valentines pop (with little to no extra work for you!)

Start with a Valentine image that you love. This one is from It's Always Autumn and it's FREE! There are tons more out there if you search "valentines" on Pinterest, or scroll around on It's Always Autumn for a while.
The tutorial on It's Always Autumn gives the direction to make a DIY star stamp using a potato, paint, and a cookie cutter. The first year that I made these Valentines, I went that route. They were super cute and did the job, but this year I decided to go the clip art route. I added my favorite star clip art from Creative Clips Clip Art, and my own signature using my favorite KG font. (You don't need to do this, but you will save yourself the time of writing your name on each one!) 
Then, I grabbed my polka dot scrapbook paper (I found this one at Michael's). See how one side is patterned and the back is white? Not all scrapbook paper is like this, so make sure you check before you buy!
When you go to print, put your paper in PATTERNED SIDE UP. This way, when your paper goes through the printer and winds up flipping, it will print on the correct (white) side.
Once my Valentines were printed (see how they are printed on the white side?), I was ready to cut.
For these Valentines, I use a hot glue gun to adhere a Starburst to the middle of each star. Depending on what Valentine you use, you may have a different prep step here.
Just a little bit of hot glue, and my Valentines are all ready to go!
But wait a minute! Let's not forget THE BACK! Isn't that so much cuter than a plain white back?! I think so!
I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and will give it a try!
Do you have a favorite Valentine printable that's FREE? Share it in the comments below!
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  1. You are a wonderful person to make so much effort for your students and I love the idea for the valentine's day cards, might try it for myself when I'm out of supplies someday haha.

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