That Incredible Elf {FREEBIE!}

Are you struggling to make your way to Christmas break? We still have a full week and a day until it's time for break, so our elf on the shelf is pulling out all the stops! My genius teammate shared her idea of a magic mailbox with me, and I knew I had to have one in my classroom! 

To make the magic mailbox, I just wrapped a shoe box with wrapping paper. The shoe box that I had was one that the top flipped open, so I just cut the top off and wrapped both pieces separately. When I put the top back on, I left a little space so that you could slide a letter inside. If you have a regular shoe box, you can just wrap both pieces separately, and then cut a hole in the top.

In the morning, we received a letter from our elf, Jingle, telling us all about the magic mailbox. She told us that we could write to her and tell/ask her anything we wanted. (Of course, she made sure to tell us to use our best handwriting so that she can read it :)!) She even left us some sentence starters to get us going. 

My students were very creative with their letters! This one says: "Dear Jingle, Am I on the naughty list? I like my class. How do you make toys?"

This one says, "Dear Jingle, I did a lot of ornaments on my tree. Can you hang ornaments?"

I love that they are writing to Jingle and not Santa, because not one person wrote a letter asking Santa for a specific toy for Christmas! Phew!

Once we finished writing our letters, we mailed them in the magic mailbox! In the afternoon, I read all of the letters and wrote back to each student as Jingle! They were SO excited to see that Jingle wrote back, and can't wait to write to her again! What a great way to get my kiddos to care about writing the week before break! Click here to grab your own elf paper and sentence starters for FREE!
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  1. I just love how people become inventive with materials available. This is creativity on a different level a perfect way to instill creativity to kids


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