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When Amber and I agreed to be roommates for this summer’s TpT Conference less than a year ago, we didn’t know we’d be leaving Vegas with a new best friend. When The Primary Pack launched last October, we found ourselves surrounded by passionate, like-minded teacher bloggers who wanted to share their love of teaching with others around the world. All thirty of us collaborated together, and began to form bonds with new teachers that we had never met face to face before. The collaboration and ideas that were springing from a group of people whose only interaction was on the internet was in many ways more inspiring and energizing than any in-person teacher connections.
So when Teachers Pay Teachers announced the dates of their summer conference in Las Vegas, it was a no-brainer that many of us would choose to room with someone who they had only “met” in this online world. Amber and I decided to be roommates, and began to chat occasionally regarding the conference and hotel, but it wasn’t until the conference was right around the corner that we started to talk all the time. We quickly began to see how similar we were, and couldn’t wait to finally meet in person in July.
Meeting in Las Vegas for the first time was like seeing an old friend that you hadn’t seen in years. We became inseparable from the moment we met in the hotel lobby, and became closer and closer as the conference went on. No one would have known that just a few days before, we had never met in person! We kept joking that we were the same person, and we really were just two peas in a pod!
{Here we are with Erin Cobb from Lovin' Lit wearing our matching jean jackets as usual!}
Amber and I share the same passion for our kindergarten classes, our blogs, and bettering ourselves as teachers. It is so refreshing to find a best friend who is not only constantly inspiring you as an educator, but as a person as well. 
After our trip to Vegas, we decided to transform our blogs to better represent us as teachers. We bounced tons of ideas off of each other, and finally came up with new “brands” that really capture our personalities. We are SO excited to reveal our new names to you!
With the launch of our new blog names, we want to celebrate our story with you and YOUR teacher bestie! Here’s how you can help spread the joy of having an amazing teacher friend that you just couldn’t live without:

Join us on Instagram to share a picture of you and your best teaching friend using the hashtag #teacherbesties

Celebrate with us by entering to win one of the following prizes from some of our favorites!

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  1. So glad we found each other!! :) Can't wait until July!!
    A Smiling Teacher

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