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I am having an absolute BLAST teaching addition and subtraction this year! I thought I'd take some time to share with you my FAVORITE addition resources! (If you're already done with school {not fair!} don't forget to pin this post to read later!)
I started by talking about how every number can be made by combining two smaller numbers. We explored this for a day or so using number bracelets and Tara West's recording sheets. (At this point, I changed the recording sheet to say __ and __ make __ because I had not introduced equations yet.) My kids BEGGED to do this activity. I then put this activity in our practice zone. The students were able to choose the number bracelet that they wanted to work on, and find the corresponding recording sheet on their own.
 Then I introduced GUS THE PLUS and addition equations! We spent about two days on each addition strategy so that I could meet with all of my guided math groups for some extra strategy practice. (The cute vocabulary cards are from Deanna & DeeDee's Guiding Kinders units)
The first strategy that we tackled was using manipulatives to solve addition equations. To practice this strategy, we used my ladybug addition mats. Students rolled a dice, and placed that number of counters on one of the ladybug's wings. Then, they rolled again, and placed that number of counters on the other wing. They recorded these numbers on their recording sheet, and added them together. {You can grab these for FREE here!}
We also used one of my favorite activities… Shake and Spill! Students chose a recording sheet, and placed that number of counters (in this case, 5, as indicated in the top corner) in their cup. They shook their cup and spilled the counters out. Then, they recorded how many red and yellow counters they got! If they repeated a combination, they had to try again!
Next, we moved onto drawing pictures and counting on your fingers. There are SO many resources out there, and you can even make up your own addition story problems. I pretty much made up addition story problems about Dexter because my kiddos are OBSESSED. I also let them make up their own story problems for the group. They loved that! {No picture, sorry!!}
The last addition strategy we practiced was using a number line. Don't you love when you hear your students say, "Math is so much fun!"? That is all I kept hearing during this lesson! We used a life-sized number line to practice this strategy. One student wrote an addition equation on the board. Another student chose what number they should start on, figured out how many steps they should take, and then walked along the number line. They were so engaged that they each got to have two turns! This was also a go-to activity for my fast finishers throughout the week.
Two more activities that I added to the practice zone during the next week were crowd favorites as well. My kids went CRAZY over magic dice. (All that's in the bottle is some water, food coloring, and two dice! *Make sure to hot glue the top on the bottle so that there are no accidents!) This was a great kinesthetic activity; shaking the bottle definitely helped my kiddos who need a lot of movement! Who knew you could have so much fun practicing your addition facts! {I did not create this recording sheet- I don't know who did! If it was you, please let me know so that I can give you credit!!} 
Finally, we've been working on our fact fluency with some I Spy! Right now, we are focusing on numbers 1-5, but soon I will put out some 5-10 mats. These are always a class favorite, and the kiddos don't even know they're learning!

I hope I gave you some fun ideas for addition! We have been on a roll with subtraction as well, and I can't wait to post about even more goodies then!
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