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Happy Saturday, everyone! I am thrilled to be part of the Stop, Swap, and Roll blog hop with Jungle Learners! 
I was super fortunate this week to get to review a great product from a new friend, Leslie from Color Cut and Glue!
Leslie has been a first grade teacher for 25 years, and I teach kindergarten, but it was SO hard for me to choose which product I wanted to review from Leslie's store! She has so many great products that are perfect for my two high groups of kinders. After a hard decision, I finally decided on Bring in the Clowns!
This worked out perfectly, because three out of four of my guided reading groups have been working on the ou/ow sound (or cow of /ow/ as we call it) for a while now! These activities really helped me to reinforce this! 
Bring in the Clowns is jam packed with fun and engaging activities! The first activity that I did with my two high guided reading groups was Center Ring Sorting. They sorted the -ow word cards by ending sound. I used this activity with its recording sheet, where students recorded the words, and then chose 3 words to use in sentences.

To differentiate, I had my lower groups simply sort the words, and then choose one word to use in a sentence. They were able to be successful too!
("Dinosaurs eat down on the ground.")
Next, we played Three Ring Rhyming  My kiddos had a blast with this one because they loved the game aspect. They didn't even realize that they were learning! This was a great game to introduce right after the word sort because a few of my kinders discovered that the words rhymed during the word sort. What a natural next step!
I used the rebus spelling activity as a guided reading warm up for my whole class because they have a lot of experience with secret sentence papers, and this was so similar!
My high students were able to choose 3 words to use in sentences as well!
Later in the week, we played Trapeze Matching. My guided reading groups worked together to read the clues and find the matching word. They acted like little detectives trying to solve the clues! Adorable!

At the end of the week, my kinders were familiar enough with each of the words to play BINGO! This was a great culminating activity, and super engaging! I even had a student be the caller so that they had all of the ownership in this game.
Like I said before, this product is so JAM PACKED with amazing resources, that we didn't even get to use all of the activities! Here's a look at a few of the things that we didn't get to:
-In Circus Order
-Under The Big Top Spelling
-Order Up The Greatest Show
-Scrabble Spelling
-Three Ring Words
Do you think this product would be a perfect fit for your class? I'm excited that I get to give one away to a lucky winner! Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win this fabulous product!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Don't forget to visit Leslie's blog to enter to win my K-2 Writing Office & continue to hop around!

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  1. I love the guessing game activity. We do guess my number as a math warmup and the kids have so much fun. It is a great way to practice higher order thinking skills. I saw your writing center folders over at Color, Cut and Glue. They would be really helpful for some of my kidos who are easily distracted .
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ashley! We really had a great time using Leslie's product! I definitely created my writing offices out of need for some of my easily distracted kiddos! If you entered the giveaway, good luck!!! I will be sure to hop over and check out your blog!


  2. Hi Gina! I am so glad I discovered your blog through this product swap. I will be sure to keep stopping by! I need to go read about your product now :)
    Kindergarten Planet

  3. What a fun pack! I love the "trapeze matching!" I actually had a little girl tell me a couple weeks ago that she wants to be a trapeze artist when she grows up. Thanks for joining the swap, I hope you had fun with it! :)

    Jungle Learners

    PS your blog is absolutely ADORABLE!!


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