Power of Positivity, FREEBIE, & SALE!

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!!! I hope you all survived the snow this past week. I enjoyed my fair share of delays, snow days, and early dismissals! Since I got so much done, I have a lot to blog about today. I apologize in advance for this being a very disjointed post!! First up, it's time for the first February Power of Positivity!
I had a lot of time to focus on the positive this week. Wanna see why?
That's why! And this was only Tuesday morning. The snow kept falling until Wednesday afternoon. I hate snow, but I was definitely grateful to have some uninterrupted time to plan and work on TPT! What was I working on, you ask? A Groundhog Day FREEBIE of course!
Aren't these little groundhogs adorable?! We had a blast making them! I was nervous that we were going to miss out because of the snow, but we made it in after a delay on Friday morning. First, we read Substitute Groundhog which is one of my FAVORITE books! It's also a great book to talk about some vocabulary like "substitute," talk about the difference between fiction and nonfiction, and make predictions. After lunch, we talked about the real Groundhog Day, and we voted on whether we want the groundhog to see his shadow or not.
Once everyone voted and gave a reason for their opinion, they started writing! I allowed my students to copy the phrases "sees his shadow" and "doesn't see his shadow" because I was more concerned with them writing their reason. Do your kiddos love writing on the floor? Mine do!
Want to grab this Groundhog Day freebie? Click here to download it for free in my TPT store!
Next up, in honor of the Superbowl, some of my best blogging buddies and I are throwing a SALE! My whole store will be 20% off until tomorrow! Click here to shop now!
And last but definitely not least! It's time to announce the winner of January's Power of Positivity store credit! Drumroll please...
Please email me at gmpeluso@gmail.com for more information! Want a chance to win February's $5 TPT store credit? 

Use this blank template in your own blog post, and use the button to link back to my blog. Then, come back and link up your Power of Positivity posts here!!
Have a fabulous week!
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