"Snow" Much Fun!

Are you being hit hard by storm Juno right now? We are! We got a phone call yesterday morning around 5:50 AM {good morning!} letting us know that there would be an early dismissal because of the impending storm. 
{Side note: doesn't my little snowman look right at home?}
 Well, for me that meant the day would end at 12:50, leaving only about 25 minutes for math. I was not going to do the whole guided math rotation that I had planned because there simply would not be enough time! Thankfully, I came across an amazing resource that I had on my flash drive from Rowdy in Room 300- snowball fight! It was a breeze to prep, and within minutes, I had a solution for my math problem!
I wrote numbers 11-19 on slips of paper, and had my students crumble them up into "snowballs." Then, we threw them around the room for a few minutes. When time was up, I partnered everyone up, and they all grabbed a snowball and brought it to their table.
Their job was to write their number and fill in the tens frames to represent it. Then, they had to do the same with their partner's number.
Once they were finished, they had to decide which number was greater, and color in that snowman. Then, they were ready to crumble up their snowball, throw it back on the floor, and grab another one! My class had an absolute BLAST doing this! They didn't even realize they were learning! Thanks so much, Rowdy in Room 300!! You're a snowy day life saver!
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