Fourteen in '14!

I've been having such a blast reading everyone's 14 in '14 blog posts that I've decided to join in on the fun! I hope you enjoy reading about my highlights of 2014!
 I rang in the new year one year ago with my best friend and boyfriend in Boston. It was a great night filled with friends and fun! What a great way to kick off a new year!
 In February, I celebrated my little cousin, Michael's, first birthday. I was originally unable to go home for this, but it wound up working out. It was so nice to see my whole family and get to spend time with my little puppy who was slowly getting sick.
 In March, my brother, Mike, came to visit my classroom and teach my kinders about germs and other doctor-y stuff! They loved asking him questions! He also brought masks, gloves, and disposable stethoscopes for us to try out on each other. We all had a blast listening to our friends' heartbeats! This was also a perfect addition to our nonfiction unit.
 In May, my mom came to visit my classroom! She helped us plant flowers and read us The Seed by Eric Carle. She only planned on visiting for the morning, but she was having so much fun that she stayed the whole day! It was great getting to show her what I do every day.
Also in May, Niko graduated from Quinnipiac University with his doctorate in physical therapy. I'm so proud of him! 2015 will bring his physical therapy boards… cross your fingers!
 In June, I celebrated the ending of my first year as a teacher. It was an amazing year with many ups and downs, but I have grown into a better teacher because of it! I couldn't have asked for better people to spend my first year with!
 In July, Niko got me an "IOU" puppy as a birthday present after the passing of my dog in March. 2015 will bring with it the addition of our new puppy, and I can't wait! {Literally, I have a countdown!}
 Also in July, I got to celebrate one of my close friends' weddings. It was fun spending the night with my close college friends.
 I also started this little blog in July of 2014!!! AND I made my first TPT sale!! It was such an exciting month! I'm so thankful for how my blog and store have grown, and for all of the amazing teachers I've met through both!
 In August, I was lucky enough to take our annual cruise with my parents. It was a great way to relax before the new school year began! {Although, I spent the majority of the time making to-do lists while laying on the beach!}
 At the end of August, it was time for the new school year to start! I spent all summer planning and prepping to make this year even better than the last!
Sometime in the fall, I took the plunge and chopped my hair off! I've had long hair ever since I can remember, and it was a very scary experience to get rid of it! {I even had to have my good friend, Erin, accompany me to the salon so I wouldn't chicken out!} But now I love it, and I'm so glad that I cut it!
In October, I helped one of my very best friends {and twin!}, Jackie, celebrate her bridal shower! I am so very excited for her and her fiancĂ©, Mike, to get married in March! 
Finally, this past summer, I helped to create one of the best new collaborative teaching blogs out there, The Primary Pack. I am so in love with all of the amazing new friends that I've made as a result of this community, and I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us!
I hope you've enjoyed my top 14 in '14! Don't forget to link up your own post with Miss Kindergarten!
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  1. Congrats on surviving your first year! I'm glad I found your blog through the linky. I love how you had your whole group table set up.
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes


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