Pumpkin Week FREEBIE!

Have you been having as much pumpkin fun in your classroom as I have? We've estimated, tested predictions, counted seeds, voted for our favorite jack-o-lantern face, carved a pumpkin, made pumpkin diagrams, and used our 5 senses. We have been BUSY!
Here's some pictures of us counting the pumpkin seeds with all the PULP! My kinders last year wanted nothing to do with all of the ooey-gooeyness, but my kids this year could not get enough of it!! We put 10 seeds in each cup to connect to making groups of 10 during calendar math. Then, we put 10 groups of 10 together to make bundles of 100!! 
Here are just two of our bundles of 100. They lined my whole bookshelf! Could you believe that our pumpkin had 660 seeds in it?! We were astonished!
We've learned SO much during our pumpkin investigations, and we've had tons of fun doing it! If you want to join in on all the pumpkin fun, grab my pumpkin investigations FREEBIE on TPT! Just click below!
Happy Pumpkin Week!
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