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Well, I promised you all photos of my newest fall math pack! Here they are! If you spotted Let's Make an Apple Pie: Combinations for Numbers to 10 on my Sunday circular, come see what all the fun is about!

Let's Make an Apple Pie is a fun, hands-on way for your students to learn combinations for numbers to 10. At this time of year in kindergarten, we are focusing on numbers to 10 as we build our foundation for addition and subtraction later on in the year! I was trying to think of a FUN way to share this concept with my students, and I wanted it to be something that they could relate to. My class loves sweets as much as I do, so I figured, why not pretend we're baking an apple pie! Seasonal and delicious! {We may or may not bake a real one at the end of this math unit. Shh! ;)}

How does this cute little game work? I thought you'd ask!
I use a cute little basket (like the one you would use to pick apples in!) for my students to shake and spill the number we are working on. In this photo, we are working on combinations for the number 5.
They LOVE to guess how many of the other color apples there are while the shaker is sorting them out.  I love hearing their math thinking!
Recording your math thinking and observations is always important. We began doing this in a small group, and now my kinders can do it independently. I love hearing them think of other ways to make a number now that they understand the concept! My guided math groups ask my every day if we're going to be working on our recipes. It is great to hear them EXCITED about math!

Think this activity would work well with your students? Check it out {here}!
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  1. Hi Gina! I love what you're doing with your little kinders! This is such a great time in Connecticut to have them working on fall and autumn activities. I see your'e on TpT. Here's my TpT store. Let's follow each other! :)


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