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I am so excited and blessed to have the opportunity to work behind the scenes with the fabulous bloggers of The Primary Pack!  We are collaborating to bring you a rainbow of ideas!  Make sure you follow along to grab a bunch of colorful freebies, as well as enter our giveaway with $300 worth of prizes!
Hi! I'm Gina blogging from Miss Peluso's Kindergarten. I am a Connecticut teacher who loves dogs, classroom baskets (you can never have enough!), and the color pink. I graduated with my Master's degree in 2013, and started teaching that Fall in the best grade in the world.. KINDERGARTEN! It was my dream from when I was 7 years old to become a teacher, and I am so thankful that I am able to have my dream job.
I live with my boyfriend of six years, and we are soon expecting a new addition to our family… A PUPPY!!! (did I scare you?! ha!) We met on move-in day our freshman year of college and have been together ever since! We love to sleep in on the weekends, watch TV, and eat FroYo. 
I am happy that I got my Master's before starting to teach because I am INSANELY busy doing things for my classroom at all moments! It is very rare if you see me without my computer on my lap! However, I would eventually like to go back to school to get my Master's in reading. Who knows! We will see what the future has in store! For now, I am perfectly happy in my kindergarten world.
To celebrate our new collaborative adventure, The Primary Pack is hosting a giveaway with tons of fabulous prizes!

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer!!! I can't wait- literally. I have a countdown :)!

  2. Oh, a puppy is a LOT of work!
    My master's is in Reading Ed and I've found it to be so versatile and useful. Go for it!

    Play to Learn Preschool


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