Star Stamina Readers!

Wow! I am SO proud of my kinders!! If you have been reading my blog posts for a while now, you know that I gave up on building stamina last year. We tried and tried, but I had more than one barometer child, and I gave up!

Well, this year, I was NOT letting myself give up! I have one barometer child, but he was not standing in my way! After reading the second Daily 5 book and many of my most favorite bloggers' posts about the Daily 5 in kindergarten, we stuck it out and after only 11 days (I had a sub for PD one day, and was NOT giving this sacred job to her), we made it to 10 minutes of reading stamina!

To celebrate, I made these cute Star Stamina Reader necklaces for my class. They were SO incredibly proud of themselves! I have just the sweetest class picture ever of them all wearing their necklaces with huge grins on their faces! I wish I could share it here, but I usually only share student photos when I put a smiley over their face, and you just won't get to see the happiness in the photo if I do that!

But, I will share the photo of the darling necklaces that I gave out!
I'm such a proud teacher and want to share them with you for free! Click {here} to LIKE my Facebook page and grab the necklace file! I hope you can use them to share how proud you are with your students!
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  1. I do something similar! So happy I found your blog! I think we have similar teaching styles & I look forward to following you this year!
    <3 Melissa


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