September Currently & A FREEBIE!

Happy September!!! Wow, I can't believe I am saying that!! This summer FLEW by. Even though we went back to school last week, it still feels really weird to say it's September. I'm linking up with Oh Boy Fourth Grade to bring you my September Currently!

Listening: I am loving the silence of our apartment. We spent the night (and some of the morning!) in the ER because the boyfriend wasn't feeling well. Boy, is that a loud place!? Needless to say, after almost 8 hours there, I am thankful for the hum of my central air :)! {Don't worry, he's okay!}

Loving: I am loving all of the lovely ladies I've met through my new collaborative teaching blog! Our blog design was just finished this week and I am BURSTING at the seems to share it with all of you. Can't wait till our big reveal!

Thinking: I'm always thinking about school! Seriously. I can't even sit down and watch TV without planning, typing, or cutting something related to school. That's okay, though, because I love it!

Wanting: A puppy! Niko got me an IOU puppy for my birthday, and I am going crazy with anticipation! We probably won't get him until June, though, so we can train him over the summer. For now, I'm going to keep pretending that we can get him sooner! :)

Needing: A manicure! I picked off half of my nail polish in the ER last night, so needless to say, my nails could use some work! 

3 Trips: This summer, I went on a cruise with my parents to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and Haiti. It was a beautiful and relaxing way to end my summer. I also spent a few weekends at our summer house on Eastern Long Island, and at Niko's family's summer house in Cape Cod. We are so lucky!

Well, that's all for this edition of September Currently! I hope you enjoyed reading! Now, if you made it all the way down here, I have a special FREEBIE for ya! I recently launched a Facebook page to accompany my blog! Head on over there and "like" my page to grab a special FREEBIE! {CLICK HERE!}

Happy September!
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  1. Hey Gina!

    I found you through Farley's Currently. I love your blog design and the colors. I'd definitely be up for the cruise you mentioned. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Hope your boyfriend is feeling better!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  2. Glad to hear the fellow is ok! That was surely a scary night, and I can be a nail biter so I TOTALLY get the manicure issue! I'm a little jelly of the summer houses...that would be GREAT! I tell the hubs all the time that we both certainly didn't marry the other because of $ for sure! ;) Hope you have a great 2nd year in kinder.

  3. Super excited for our collaborative blog too! I can't wait until it goes live!

    One Sharp Bunch


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