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Hey there! I'm stopping by to share my newest creation with all of you! I have been struggling with finding fun and meaningful ways for my students to practice number identification and number writing. I wasn't all that excited to do things exactly as I did last year, so I needed something fresh to keep me going! Enter… All About Numbers!

So I clearly made this packet out of my own need, but my kiddos are loving it SO much, that I compiled it in a cute bundle and put it on TPT! Here's a sneak peak into All About Numbers 1-10.

My students' number one favorite game from this pack is Bump. There are FIVE versions of Bump in this pack. If you've never played a bump-type game with your students, the game is simple. Each student will begin with a different color of unifix cubes. Player 1 will spin the spinner or roll the dice (I made my own dice with foam cubes from the Dollar Tree, but spinners are included with the pack!) and place one of their cubes on the star with the number they landed on. Now it's Player 2's turn. If Player 2 rolls or spins the same number as Player 1, s/he can choose to stack their unifix cube on top of Player 1's or place it on another star of the same number. Once a player has 2 of their colored unifix cubes on a star, they own that star and it is out of play. The person who owns the most stars at the end of the game is the winner! 
My kinders' second favorite game is Race to Trace. There are FOUR Race to Trace versions in my math pack for you to differentiate for your students. In this game, students will roll the dice or spin the spinner (spinners are included), and trace or write the number that they landed on. The player who traces/writes all of their numbers first wins!
I put my game boards in dry erase pockets so my students can play the game with a white board marker and I will not have to make a million copies! You could laminate them or put them in sheet protectors if you don't have dry erase pockets. I also added a green dot so my kinders know where to start the number- I don't want them practicing the wrong way!
Also, did you check out my cool spinner? It's made with a CD case and a hot-glued spinner! Cheap and simple! Now I can change out the spinner image whenever I need a new one and I won't have to fuss with straws and brads!
Want to check out All About Numbers 1-10? I'd love some feedback! Click on the image below to check out the preview.

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