International Dot Day!

Happy Saturday! Did you celebrate International Dot Day? We did! On September 15th, we celebrated with lots of dot fun! The Dot is already one of my favorite books, and I'm so happy that I now have a real way to weave it into our year instead of just reading it during bathroom breaks! Yes, I know this post is overdue, but I have been so busy! Since you might want to take part in International Dot Day next year, check out how we celebrated!

First, I introduced Dot Day on our morning message, and we each drew a dot.
Then, we read The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. We talked about the book and how we are all illustrators! I gave each of my kinders a paper with a dot on it and challenged them to create a picture using the dot. I was so impressed with their creativity!
Later on in the day, we created our own dots using different sized paper dots. Can I tell you how long it took me to cut all of these dots?! Let's just say A. Long. Time. But, I loved the outcome, so it was all worth it!
My favorite is the top right.. the snowman! How creative!? 
Of course, we ended our day with some dots candy. 

There are SO many activities that you can do on International Dot Day. There's even a handbook! Go ahead and google it- I promise you will not be sorry!
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  1. We participated too! My fourth graders had a blast! Check out the free clip art at FableVision too. (



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