Hip Hip Horray for the 10th Day!

Well, friends, today was the day! Zero the Hero paid us a visit in kindergarten today to help us celebrate the 10th day of school! This was one of my favorite days last year, and I loved introducing Zero the Hero to a new group of kinders today!
Boy, were they STUMPED when I told them that only one digit could fit in each spot of our place value chart. We had a discussion about what to do because there were 10 straws, but only room for the 0 to be shown (you know, the kindergarten rule that says only one digit can go in each pocket). I have to say, they had some creative ideas! My favorite was that we should just squeeze the two numbers together and not tell anyone! HA!
Then, we sang the famous Zero the Hero song and filled in our ten frame! I gave my kinders a Zero the Hero coloring page and also taught them how to trace the number 10. They got a kick out of coloring Zero the Hero exactly how he looked in the pocket chart.
Zero the Hero even left us circle stickers (because I forgot to grab cheerios at the food store yesterday they're shaped like a zero). I can't wait till day 20 to have some more Zero the Hero fun! I really want to find a Zero the Hero headband or coax someone into dressing up as Zero the Hero and come into our room.  How do you celebrate with Zero the Hero? I'd love to hear!
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  1. Love your Zero the Hero ideas, especially the little hero for your place value chart! Super cute!

    One Sharp Bunch


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