First Few Days & A FREEBIE!

Whew! We have 7 days of school under our belt! I am not used to waking up at 6 AM! I am so proud of my kinders for what we have accomplished so far in the first 7 days of school. Even though we are spending a great deal of time on rules, procedures, and expectations, I know that it will be well worth it in the end.
Here are a few highlights from our first few days of school!
We started our day off with our first day of kindergarten frames. The rest of the class was working on a welcome to kindergarten coloring sheet while I called students up to take their pictures. The "1st" is velcroed on to the frame, so at the end of the year, I change it out to say "last" day of kindergarten. Families love these pictures!
Last year, I waited to teach hallway rules and routines until Friday (day 3). This year, I decided it was one of the most important procedures to teach, so we did it on the first day of school. We read Edward and the Pirates, a cute book about a boy named Edward whose books came alive when he read. When he reads a book about pirates, the pirates come into his room and he teaches them how to read. While we were reading this book, a treasure map casually fell out! 
We stopped reading the book, and I taught the rules for walking in the hallway. Then, we went on our treasure hunt! We visited each of the specials rooms, but there was no treasure to be found. Our last stop was the office, and there was our treasure chest! It was filled with popcorn for snack time.

When we got back to our room, we finished the book and did our Walk Like a Pirate sort. Then, the students went back to their seats and drew one way that they could follow the rules of the hallway. I wrote what they were drawing about underneath.
Later, we made our rainbow names. This was great fine motor practice for my kinders. I cut 1 inch strips of RYOGBV construction paper, and they had to rip small pieces and glue them onto their names that I outlined the night before. I got this idea from the fabulous Deanna Jump. 
This is one of my favorite projects because it looks fabulous when hung in our room!
After lunch, it was time for math! For the first 3 days of school, we explored with our math manipulatives. This is a great time to teach the different materials we have in our room and different ways to use each. Ofcourse it's also a great time for students to get to PLAY with the manipulatives, before we ask them to use them exclusively for work.
I hope you've enjoyed my highlights from the first day of school! If you're interested in checking out my Walk Like a Pirate unit, you can grab it for FREE on my TPT store {here}
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