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Hey all! I just got home from doing some work in my classroom, and wanted to share a great organizational tip with you. 

In my classroom, I do not have large drawers to store anchor charts like the rest of my kindergarten team does. All year, I have been shoving my anchor charts on top of cabinets, rolled up behind my easel, and just plain laying on top of a table that I was not using! It was not a very pretty sight, and my poor anchor charts took quite a beating! But, I have finally figured out a simple way to easily and safely store my anchor charts using what I already have.

^Here is an example of one of the large anchor charts I have that does not fit in any standard space! You can see the clear duct tape hanging off the edges.

All I did, was take a long piece of CLEAR duct tape and stick it to the front of the chart.  Then, I folded it on itself and stuck it to the back, so there is no sticky part exposed. I repeated this for the other side. Next, I punched a hole in both duct tape tabs.

Finally, I strung a piece of fishing line through each of the holes. You could use anything (ribbon, string, yarn), I just happened to have fishing line handy! Then, I simply hung it from a hanger! 
For this particular anchor chart, I folded it and paper clipped it so that it could fit in my closet. {You won't need to do this for normal-sized charts. This anchor chart is over five feet long!}

If you have anchor charts made out of chart paper, no clear duct tape needed! Just re-punch the pre-made holes if you laminated it like I did, or just string the fishing line if it is not laminated. 

Look! All of my anchor charts are hanging neatly AND I can easily look through them! {I spread them out a bit just so that you could see, but they really take up almost no room.} When I need an anchor chart this year, I can just cut the clear tape off, and my chart will be ready to go! Since the tape is clear, I don't have to worry about picking it off of the chart, and I can simply re-do it when I'm ready to put the anchor chart away again.

I hope you find this tip helpful! I'd love to hear how you store your anchor charts!
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