TPT Sale!

Today I am linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for a Sunday Smorgasbord post.  Happy birthday to me!  Today is my 24th birthday, so I am throwing a sale at my TPT store to celebrate!  Click the picture below to check out my 20% off sale AND new freebies!

As I am writing this post, my lovely boyfriend is making me PANCAKES! My favorite breakfast food in honor of my birthday, how lucky am I!

I am also super excited about my gift!  I have been wanting a puppy since the love of my life passed away this past spring.  Here he is, my little Reilly :(

I know, he's the cutest thing you've ever seen.  I miss him every day.  So, for my birthday, I got things for my future puppy!! He will not be a Yorkie since I don't want Reilly to think I am replacing him.  But I am excited to have a puppy back in my life again in the future! We can't get one right now because our apartment complex no longer allows dogs, but this is such a thoughtful gift! Makes my heart happy again.

My parents are taking the ferry over from Long Island as I type this.  I will be picking them up at the ferry and then who knows what the day has in store for us!  I'll post some at the end of the day to share my birthday with you guys :)!


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