Scavenger Hunt!

Are you joining in on the Blog Hoppin' scavenger hunt?  I shared a bit about it with you all the other day, but I'm here today to share a few of my favorite pictures from the hunt so far!
First up, the colorful pom poms I have hanging over my guided reading table in my classroom! Why was this so exciting to me? Because after reading through so much of the list and being disappointed that I wasn't in Vegas to be able to do some of them, I finally found one and thought I CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT ONE!!! Also, my pom poms were my favorite DIY project from last summer. Maybe I'll give a little tutorial later on!
I also had fun getting my boyfriend involved! I have scheduled him to come with me to my classroom later this week so he can help me with some more things on the list! For now, I had him take a selfie :)!

Lastly, the scavenger hunt gave me an excuse to go to one of my favorite places… THE TARGET DOLLAR SPOT! You know, you always need that extra reason why you should go shopping.  So, I was more than happy to bring my Blog Hoppin' sign with me and drive on over to dollar heaven.

Are you joining up with the scavenger hunt? Hop on over to the girls' blog to see who else is having some scavenger hunt fun!

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  1. Your boyfriend is a good sport! Thank you for playing along with us!!! Keep them coming!!

  2. The closest Target to me is an hour!!!! You're lucky! Thanks for sharing your pics!


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