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Today, my boyfriend and I took a trip to my classroom to bring some supplies that I've accumulated over the summer and to do some more searching for the Blog Hoppin' scavenger hunt! It was a lot of fun! I actually found a pack of Chicklets on our way home, and I am DETERMINED to find a pay phone!!! He is convinced that they no longer exist, but I will find one! Here's me just hangin' out in a shopping cart...

I've spent the week uploading my digital library to the iPods that I received as part of a LEAF grant.  I am planning on using the iPods in my classroom for listen to reading.  If you want to read more about my plans and how I got my whole Scholastic kindergarten listening library, click the picture below!

I ordered my new Erin Condren planner last week, and received an email that it has been shipped! I cannot wait to open my door and see the pretty little Erin Condren box waiting for me! I'll post a picture as soon as I get it!

I have finished one of my big projects for the summer, my monthly Write the Room units! I decided to create these after needing something meaningful for my students to complete during the work on writing slot in the Daily 5.  I have plenty of word work resources, but was lacking any work on writing activities.  As kindergarteners, my students need a lot of scaffolding and support when writing, so I really can't just leave out cute, seasonal writing pages and expect them to get something out of it! So, I created these cute little units (or at least I think they are cute!). Each unit comes with a set of vocabulary cards pertaining to that month. Here is an example of some vocabulary cards from my June unit.  

Then, there are three different recording sheets so that you can differentiate for your students.  For pre-writers, I have created a recording form so that they can search the room for the words and circle the correct word.

Your beginning writers can have a blast walking around the room and writing down the seasonal words that they find.  What a fun and engaging way for them to practice phonics and handwriting! No more sitting at a desk copying words!

Finally, we all have those students who come in with amazing reading skills! For these kiddos, I have a search and complete the sentence recording sheet.  They can use their advanced reading skills to read the sentence and then search the room for a word that would make sense!

Do you use something similar for the Daily 5 work on writing in your classroom? I'd love to hear about it! If you'd like to take a closer look at my Write the Room units and maybe snag some for yourself, click here!

One of my closest friends is getting married tomorrow! She is the first one out of my group of friends to be engaged or married.  I can't wait to celebrate with all of my best friends and celebrate her marriage! Keep your fingers crossed for beautiful weather!

Have a fantastic Friday!
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