Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord

Happy Sunday! I'm linking up with Fabulous in First for my first Sunday Smorgasbord! Woohoo!
A parent volunteer came into my room during the last few weeks of school and made these AWESOME shirts with my kinders.  Here's what you need: a white shirt, various colored Sharpies, paper shopping bags, a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, hangers.  Everyone drew on their shirts with the Sharpies, making it as colorful as they could.  [NOTE: put a paper shopping bag inside the t-shirts so that the marker doesn't bleed through to the back of the shirt, or even worse, your table!]

Once their designs were finished, we went outside and hung the shirts from a fence.  We sprayed the shirts (up close) with the rubbing alcohol, and the colors started to blend.

My kinders were so fascinated by the colors blending together, and were super excited to see their final product!  We loved our shirts so much, we even all wore them to field day!

Have a splendid Sunday!  Thanks Fabulous in First!



  1. I bet your kinders had a lot of fun with this project!


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